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Sep 1, 2015
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Hey Everybody!

I have a question and probably some of you will have the answer:

Some of our clients have a suit number to their local locations address, as a result some of the citation we've built carries the suit number and some of them not, does it affect local rankings?

For example:

Some of the addresses have the suit number

4200Shelbyville Road, Suite 106

and some of them not

4200Shelbyville Road

Does it affect local rankings? And if it does which version is preferred?


Always go by what they have for the Google My Business citation when they claimed their business listing. In fact no one should start citation building until that's complete because you don't know how Google will interpret their address, it might be a little different.
And just be as consistent as you can when entering your NAP into your citations. There isn't much you can do to control how the various directories will spit the data out on the other end.
Yes, you want citation data as consistent as possible across the web. There are many tools to help you with this. We would recommend you start with running an audit to identify inconsistent citations. Many companies offer scans to do that, such as Moz, Yext and the one we have.

Not going to add a link here, but our CEO, Bernadette Coleman, created an eBook, The Complete How-To Guide for Local Citation Audit & Clean Up, if you want more information on this. PM us and we?ll give you the link to access it.:)
Nyagoslav answers this best so I will quote him :)

"Google is certainly able to figure out the address, even if the suite number is omitted, if the rest of the NAP is accurate. The reason for this is because Google doesn't really "use" the suite number as a telling signal when matching data. However, from usability point of view, not including the suite number might potentially cause problems with the actual, real-life findability of the business, especially if they are located in a big business building, a hospital, or a mall."

For most of my clients, they are in plazas so the suite number really doesn't matter for users. Unless you're in a huge building where it does matter, I wouldn't stress about it at all.

Source: Whitespark's List of A-OK NAP Variations for Google Maps & Bing | Whitespark

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