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Sep 27, 2012
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Got a client based in Manchester.

Their footer has their address in Schema Organization tagged on every page. They operate nationally and are going for parent terms ("unblock drains", "drain repairs") but they also want to go after local terms now.

We set up pages like...

Ages ago for PPC (150+ words unique content, contact us form) but the site already has pages like;

For each service they offer with approx 400+ words content per page.

Now they want to go for "drain repairs Manchester", "drain unblocking Manchester", "drain surveys Manchester". If I optimise the existing service pages, they'd lose rankings for the parent terms.

No-brainer is to build a Manchester hub, i.e.

www.compan (drain services in Manchester, drain company in Manchester)

With each title optimised for the appropriate service and linking back to the main page, something like;

Drainage Problems Outside Of Manchester?

Visit our main drain repairs page to see if we cover your area.

With the main drain repairs page linking back to the Manchester drain repairs page using anchor text like Manchester, i.e.

We offer services in;

  • London
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester

As long as the Manchester drain repairs has 200+ words of unique content, we'll be fine.

Alternative is just to keep the existing page ( and just optimise it for "drain services in Manchester" including a list like;

Our services in Manchester include;
  • drain repairs
  • drain surveys
  • drain unblocking
Either linking back to the generic drain repairs page or not.

First approach seems most effective - you're trying to rank vs dedicated pages for "drain repairs in Manchester" or "drain surveys in Manchester" so just mentioning the word on the page doesn't seem enough. But it seems spammy.

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