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Sep 3, 2014
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Hi -

  • A client has say, six legitimate locations, on a wordpress site with a page or a mini-hub for each of those locations.
  • The site also has a summary "Locations" page that lists all of those offices with a summary address and map listing and a link to the location page for each location.
  • The summary "Locations" page is on the top-level nav menu.

Would it be better to have those location pages be "child" pages of the summary "Locations" page, or would it be best to have them NOT have a "parent" page?

In other words, is it best if the breadcrumbs for the first location page would be like this:
A. Home>Locations>Location_1
or like this?
B. Home>Location_1


Apr 1, 2015
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Jul 22, 2012
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We have never been able to establish a 1-1 that proves that folder organization has a best practice. That said, there are advantages to each strategy. Google has said that pages that live higher up in folders (/locations as opposed to /services/locations) are indexed more quickly. However, by organizing them better, you are better able to tell google the hierarchy of your pages.
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