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Oct 8, 2021
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Hello! I hope you can help me understand why my GMB is showing Pending. Business is verified, and pending review has been showing for than a week now.

Under Posts, I see this message
. I haven't received any request from the GMB team. Any recommendations on what my next step should be to resolve the Pending issue?
What's the category? Certain categories go through additional verifications.
Garbage dump service is the primary category. Is that a category that usually go through additional verifications?
Possibly, yes. Google doesn't explicitly say which ones are, but most service area business categories do. Is this business a brick and mortar?

Either way, I would contact GMB support here - Sign in - Google Accounts
The GMB support team is backed up right now so it could take upwards of a week or more. Give it a shot and if you don't hear back in a few days I would post over at the Google My Business forum.
Hi Colin. Thank you for your advise. I got a reply from the community help saying that there is no any signage any signage of a business called "I need dumpster" with the Streetview images at the address "14051 Dublin Square, San Antonio, TX 78217".
This is a correct statement. We are leasing the yard from the auto company registered on this address. Do you think we can get approved if we add signage next to the auto company's sign and upload photo to exterior?
If you plan to have your address visible, in other words, if you receive customers at that location, yes you need signage.
Update. I removed the address from our GMB page, went over the guidelines to ensure we are compliant. But still stuck in pending. haven't heard from the GMB team at all.

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