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Nov 4, 2020
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I am an Agency and of one the Google business profiles that I manage has been completely 're-Verified' by a newly employed manager of the business (via postcard), instead of getting access the normal way via a request to the current 'owner' account.

The result is a new Google business profile with the new manager as the 'Primary Owner' and the previous correct 'owner' (and other users) all losing access to the published listing.

Also, the existing profile has now been marked as duplicate and depublished!

I have got access as a manager of the new profile, however, this 'new' profile has lost all previous owner's photos, posts, products, info, etc.

My question:

- should we remove our access to this new profile and try to reverify the 'old' correct one (with the risk of getting suspended due to all the changes)
- cut our losses and basically start from scratch with the new profile

Thank you!
Hi Niki, I would contact GBP Support to help you untangle this. They can look on the backend and determine what needs to be done.

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