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Aug 23, 2014
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Google just alerted us that they recently made a change to GMB Insights that allows Google to include more places where customers find you. For example, they can report on queries like this one which pulls in data from GMB:


Some businesses might see a change in searches from today on but many won't notice a difference. It's expected that large chains will see this effect more so than small businesses.

Thanks for letting us know Joy! Every little bit of improvement helps, right?

As much as we (I) complain sometimes, Google needs to get kudos for all the resources they put into making GMB better. If anyone remembers the old Google Places days, it seems like we are light years beyond now as far as features, support and communication from Google go.
I couldn't agree more with that Linda

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I see it here in California now.


I think its good and bad. I know it won't affect too many types of businesses, but maybe some of them could have gotten that traffic to convert if they had a good offer. It will give users what they are looking for quicker, but I never like seeing Google implement things that will decrease a websites traffic. I didn't even think of this at first, but that could affect retargeting as well.
Hey Guys,

Just wanted to clarify something. The search results themselves aren't new. They've been appearing like this for a while. What's new is that Google My Business Insights is now able to report on those impressions that you get from them.

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