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Jul 19, 2012
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Has anybody come across this new feature to add private details to their Google+ Local pages?

company details.png

company details.png
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Where??? In dash or live? On your own listing or someone else's???

Inquiring minds want to know MORE because yes this is news to me!
And ya know I love discovered NEW STUFF! :p
Click on the link.

adding company details.png

While logged into the account.

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Upon further inspection it appears that you don't have to be logged into the account that the listing is in. It looks like this is a feature for users....

adding company details.png
Upon further inspection it appears that you don't have to be logged into the account that the listing is in. It looks like this is a feature for users....

Wild! Yup a new crowd sourced user edit dealybob!

I just searched a random listing I have no relationship with and see it at the bottom.

Hmmm, it says private. Wonder if owner can see and wonder if the algo can see? :eek:
Or just for the user to make their own notes about places OR???

Good score Colan!!! Thanks for sharing!
No problem. Off to test it out :)
Private Contact Details On Google+ Local Pages

Hey all,

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week thus far. Just wanted to stop in and share with everyone what we believe is a recent update to the Google+ Local page. I apologize if this is old news.

Earlier today a colleague of mine, Kerry Fager, had discovered that Google is now encouraging users to "Add your own private contact details about "BUSINESS"' on Google+ Local pages. Please reference the attached image below:


Once a user clicks on this, the following form will appear:


What is everyone's thought on this? Just thought we'd share. As always, everyone's input and feedback is appreciated.



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Thanks so much Matt, merged your thread into this one, because Colan posted about it this AM.

Must be brand new because you both discovered today and I've not seen anyone else talk about it. Colan is going to test and I'd like to try a couple things if I get time but am a little jammed up on a consulting project.

Everyone share if you experiment or find anything new.

Thanks so much for posting Matt!
OK just did a real quickie. Posted to my own G+ Local page from my other Google account.

NOTE: The info appears to only be available to the person posting. When I look at my listing from the account the G+L page is in I can't see anything.

Here is screen shot:


I haven't actually claimed my +Local page ever since God Google shut down the one I had claimed, then put all my reviews on an unclaimed page attributed to us even though we didn't actually have an address in the city where they put us (purely based on the phone exchange). So I have been stalking this +Local page and doing user edits on the hours, categories, a picture and map marker location. So now at least I have an accurate but unclaimed page that does not mask the address even though we are a service area business, but a half dozen of about 25 reviews are displaying so I am leaving it be for now.

No Private Contact Details offer on this page, I suppose because it's not claimed. I guess it's time to claim it and see if I can get Godgle to take away my reviews by playing by Its rules. {grin - I like that - "Godgle"} I'll let you know when I do.

Oh yes, just seeing this now. Colan beat me to the punch. Good find, Colan and thanks for sharing your insight!

We will test this as well. Some initial thoughts here were that it could possibly be used from a Google+ user's perspective where there could be a feature that would save 'Contacts' under their profile? Not entirely sure, but I'm assuming we'll all find out sooner or later.

Thanks again Linda and Colan!

Oh yes, just seeing this now. Colan beat me to the punch. Good find, Colan and thanks for sharing your insight!

No worries at all. Would MUCH rather have both of you post than have no one post assuming someone else may have covered it! Good catch both of you! :)
Thanks Matt! It will be interesting to see what kind of implications this feature will have.
So is this feature just for the user to keep track of who they deal with at the business, or is this a spot where the user inputs THEIR information for the business to contact them? Like some other people have mentioned, this looks like a CRM lead capture form or a web to lead form.

I'm just a little confused about the actual purpose of this and what I'm supposed to do with it. Do I put my information in the fields then the business owner can give me a call/contact me about their services?
I don't think so. I think the info is only viewable by the user.

When I did above I filled the form with one account for my own G+ L page in another account. When I log in to my G+ L page I can't see the user comments. So I believe it's just for the user to make private notes about the business.

I don't really see it being that practical or helpful to either users OR the business. However it's one other way for Google to get data because besides the user, she's the only one that will see it. ;) How she'll use it? That's another question!
Thanks Matt, was reading that this AM and had planned to share too,
so thanks for adding the link to Mike's post!
Fantastic catch, Colan!!! What on Earth is meant by a 'phonetic name'. To my mind, that means if my name is 'Jose', I can write 'ho-say' in that field. This can't be right. What am I missing. This is such an interesting development. Kudos to Colan!

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