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Jun 28, 2012
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Jade just informed us the new Places dashboard is starting to slowly roll out to existing Places accounts. Previously it was only showing up on newly created accounts.

Jade just posted an update in the Google and your Business forum.

More details about the improved look and feel of Google Places for Business

Update - May 21

As of May 21, some existing Places users will begin to see the new Google Places for Business dashboard. The transition will happen automatically, and all existing users should continue to manage listings at Please keep in mind that the new dashboard is still gradually being rolled out, so not all existing users will see the change right now.

What happened to the custom categories I had using the old dashboard?
Custom categories are no longer showing on listings with the new dashboard. Business owners should try to select an auto-filled category that most closely describes their business. We’re working on improving the way categories work, and by sticking with the categories we have defined, we believe we can better connect customers and businesses.

What happened to payment options, additional details, or videos?
These fields do not appear publicly, and the data will not be transferred onto the new dashboard. The “videos” field no longer appears in the dashboard. You can access prior uploaded videos through your Youtube account. If you wish to post videos on the listing for your business, upgrade to a local Google+ page.

I’m using Google+ to manage the local page for my business; what should I do?
Please continue using Google+ for management, as you had before. If you were using both Google+ and Google Places for business, you should continue doing so. When we are ready to migrate the pages that have social features, we will have further instructions.

I’m using Google Places but don’t see the new dashboard, yet. Should I panic?
Don’t panic. The new dashboard is still rolling out gradually, and we’ll continue to post updates here. Please continue to use Google Places for Business as usual.

Here is more detailed info about the new Dashboard with screenshots, in case you missed it and 3 pages of discussions about it.

Major Update - New Google Places Dashboard - All-in-one Local Listing Management
Let us know if you have any old dashboards upgrade to new.
Not one has updated yet - perhaps, it's taking Google longer to get to New England. It's frustrating to have to wait so long.

Linda - what are you calling Places now? Google Local, Google+ Local, Places for Business? We are confusing our clients by calling it Google+ Local (formally Google Places).

Thanks for the update - do I dare let our clients know again that their new dashboard is on the way?:)
Hi Susan,

It's rolling out VERY slowly in the US. I'm not even hearing about that many that have been update here yet. So I'd say maybe awhile yet before it gets to you.

What do I call it? Well around here I tend to still call it Google Places because it's less confusing and does not mix it up with all the other possible variations and page names.
I'm seeing Google refer to the merged pages usually as a Local Google+ page. So to call a Place page a Google+ Local page is just too similar and confusing.

Plus it's still Places in the dashboard and log in and join screen. I think with clients I would tend to still call it Places as well and explain the page name was rebranded on the consumer facing side, but the business owner side is still Places. And Places is what most business owners still think of it as anyway.

You know it's odd on this branding thing... I thought over time it would become more clear and distinct names would settle in somehow. But it seems the opposite is happening to me. People are calling whichever page whatever they want and it's becoming more and more difficult to know what type of page people are referring to.
Thanks Linda. Your input is so valuable and appreciated. I'm sure your answer will help others out too. I know it's been discussed on your Forum before - I think it was a post and it was funny. When we write blog posts or lessons for our clients, we need to make sure that we are using the proper names - this helps!

As far as the new dashboard, we will have an online celebration on the elSue business page. Right now, we'll be patient - or at least try to be.
Let us know if you have any old dashboards upgrade to new.

Hey Linda,

I think we've got one that moved from the old Places dash to the new one. Everything seems to be in order -- the data from the backend (business hours, description, etc.) transferred seamlessly over to the new dashboard.
Head's up and GREAT NEWS!

Faster image uploads with the new dashboard.

Just got email from Jade saying that she posted an update at the Google forum.

Update - May 30

If you're using the new dashboard, your photo uploading experience is now improved. Photos uploaded via the new Place for Business dashboard will now go live in hours in most cases.
You can send us feedback about this and other features by clicking on the gear on the right -> Send Feedback. Thanks!

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