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Jul 19, 2012
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Google just released a new view within the GMB dashboard. Here's the brand new help center doc explaining it.

map view.jpg

map view.jpg
I swear, every time I put my head down for a day or two to crank through some work, something big changes when I'm not looking. Thanks for the share you two! Thanks for pointing out those two features Joy, I agree that it's nice to have a more direct view of what the street view is going to be from within the actual dashboard, makes sense.
They do it just to bug you James.
They know! They can see what I'm working on in Google Docs and time their releases. I need to wrap my modem in tin foil and keep them out.
I thought it was a great feature today when we had the preview with Google.
But wasn't around this aft when it launched to be able to break the news.
So I'm glad Colan and Joy are so active here & share everything with us.

Colan - on vaca in Newfoundland and still working? :eek:
Hope you have a blast and don't work too hard while there.
Thanks Linda! It ain't work when you love something!
I think the street view feature is an important one for many business owners and consultants. It's always been a pain to jump in and out of the dashboard, go to maps, then go to street view and double check. It was a ton of unnecessary steps & clicks to see such a simple, yet important aspect. I'm excited about that one!

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