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Dec 12, 2013
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HI All,

I have a client that has an established business (like 40 years), with a ton of traffic. They bought out a competitor in an adjacent city (a year and a half ago), and changed the name, and created a new GBP. The new GBP already has 100's of reviews, and is fully fleshed out - yet, the GBP does not rank anywhere near as well as the original GBP.

what are some of the reasons for this? Is it just the "newness" of the profiles? Is it that there aren't as many local links to hte main site?
Yes, older listings definitely have some trust and authority built into them that newer listings don't necessarily have.
Cannot say for sure, but it could be the name. Keywords in name is an important ranking factor, so maybe the new name does not match the intent users are searching for?

Just speculating here :)
If they created a new SAB GBP, I'd suspect the SAB ranking bug. That bug only seems to affect GBPs who had their address hidden in the last year/year and a half or so
The new GBP could also be in a much more competitive geographical area than the original. Could be worth doing some competitive research there.

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