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Jun 28, 2012
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Just got an email from Mike Blumenthal about missing URLS on MERGED/Verified G+ Business pages.
Anyone else seeing this? Better check your listings. He showed quite a few examples.

Plus getting reports in the G+ display update thread about missing images
AND Google telling consumers to add an image.

Has anyone seen images disappear after this new layout change? We have some clients on Google+ Local that previously had 1 or sometimes 5 photos uploaded but they aren't displaying now.

I am also getting complaints in from clients that have their images missing and their profiles are showing "be the first to submit an image" message thing in the picture window for the profile. I poked one of the listings to see if it updates in a couple days but right now I am seeing this also.

"be the first to submit an image" This really concerns me. On a claimed listing Google is inviting consumers to muck up your listing??? Not good IMO!

NOTE: The big rash of 500 errors we are having on merged listings was tracked to the G+ display update so other bugs would not surprise me.

To stay on top of all the other current Google Bugs, be sure to check out:

Hang onto your seats - more turbulence likely!

(Or as Keenan says - where's the Orkin man when you need him?)
Hi Linda,

Thanks for bringing this issue here. Yes this is true. I have several clients who have verified Google listing page but images are not coming with them. It looks like it is an unverified page. It screws my mind :confused:.
Also I have tried to add an image as a user but it goes in reviews section only. It does not get used for business. This is really a bad impact of google.

It must be FIXED. As it all shows only one thing. GOOGLE WAS GOOD IN ITS LAST DAYS (before improvement in layout and algorithm update).:cool:

Pankaj Kumar
Anyone else seeing missing URLs? Seems to still be an issue.

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