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Jul 22, 2012
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We have all undoubtedly been fighting referral spam in GA for a few months now. Loganix just dropped a tool that helps get rid of "ghost referrer spam" without having to manually block sites.

<a href="">Referral Spam Solved: Give Your Analytics an Anema</a>
That's a fantastic idea... Solve the ghost referral spam problem through crowd-sourced filters, and get people on their email list. Win-Win for everyone involved. I'm signing up
Thanks for sharing Michael!

Just updated the segment yesterday, so you'll be getting the freshest of the fresh.

For those who already grabbed it, I'll be sharing the new one w/ you shortly via email.

Next week we'll be releasing a new feature, which should make our segment even more robust, thus catching even more bad referrers. Will share soon : )

For anyone who's tried it, I'd love to hear a few words of feedback.

Just added to a handful of our GA accounts. At first glance this looks very cool @adamsteele. Thank you sir!

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