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Jun 28, 2012
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I missed a Hangout with Google last Friday about the upcoming release of the new GMB API, so I don't know much about it and was not even sure when it was going to launch.

Elizabeth our Google Community manager announced it yesterday:
<a href="">Introducing the Google My Business API</a>

Sara Garrison alerted me to it yesterday too so I wanted to share her post:

<a href="">Announcing Google My Business Locations Bulk API (v2) | Local Advertising News from allLocal</a>

Today Google has released new API functionality for managing listings in bulk verified accounts. Previously, the API allowed businesses to edit only individually verified listings and those edits would be eligible to to go live on Google Search and Maps.

You may have seen the post Mike did. He goes into more details about how agencies could use the API. In case you missed it, here it is: <a href="">Google My Business Releases V2.0 of the GMB API</a>

I don't really have more to add but each post above has more details and links to official Google docs. I just didn't want to miss adding it to our Google Local IMPORTANT forum since it is an update.
Thanks Linda! Would you happen to know a good resource to be "best equipped" to step into API for GMB? This would be a resource for someone completely ignorant of API...sort of an "API for dummies" such that I could begin using API for GMB? Thanks ina advance!
I don't off hand. I don't even really know much about it.

Let's see if any of the pros reply here, but my guess is you'll get more replies on something advanced like this at our Local Search Pros Community on G+, so feel free to ask there as well.

On a different note, here is an announcement Location3 made to their clients about the fact they are using the API: <a href="">Location3 Partners with New Google API | Location3 Media</a>

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