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Jan 31, 2013
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I have someone who wants me to build his website. It's a chocolate shop and I see that chocolates + city and chocolate shop + city is available as a domain name. Chocolate Shop is also in his business name, but I'm wondering if since we're starting from scratch, it's better to try to rank locally with a keyword and city or if I should just keep his shop name for branding (I could also buy both and redirect the branded domain to the other one).

I would recommend using the shop name for branding. Keyword in URL has very little impact on ranking. Also, if you use HARO & PR for SEO purposes as much as I do, it is easier introducing your client as the owner of 'Jim's Candies' rather than ''

Having said that, you may probably purchase the other domain names just so they don't fall in the hands of a competitor.

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