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May 5, 2014
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Hi all! I don't know if this has been posted before, but I found this nifty tool that let me quickly get a direct link to review client's businesses on Google.

I know the way to get a link changes often and the links I have had saved don't work anymore, but this one does. Hope it helps someone :)
Thanks Spadilla! We like tools. Especially review tools! :)

FYI also has a good one: <a href="">Google Review Link Generator: How to Create a Link to Write a Review on Google |</a>

Here's a post from a few months ago, after the change 1st happened that explains more:
<a href="">How To Get Google Review Links after the G+ Update with via Greg Gifford</a>
These tools are handy for keeping up with the changes at Google. But FYI this one hasn't optimized for the changes *since* last November.

For example, now it's possible to construct URLs for an even more streamlined experience, e.g.

- This syntax will launch right into the review dialog if the user is logged in, or prompt them to "Login to Write a Review" if not:,2

- Or this syntax will do as above, but also pre-populate the star rating:,2,5

I was able to create a link from that tool that showed the pop-up right away. I personally do not like pre-populating star ratings, as it seems a bit shady. But, to each their own.
Good point. Of course, it is better (and hardly "shady") if you can populate the rating from user input, e.g.

1 star:,2,1
2 stars:,2,2
3 stars:,2,3
4 stars:,2,4
5 stars:,2,5

This approach makes for great email signatures, etc.--always putting the "Review Us" call-to-action in your communications with customers.

Anyway, we've just found that it helps to streamline the process as much as possible for the reviewer.

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