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Jul 27, 2021
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Have you all seen this before? For every local pack in this industry Google isn't displaying the address, stars, call or website info for any of the local pack results. The query is "los angeles party bus rental". If you search "los angeles party bus" then the local pack looks normal with the address and other info included. Any idea what's going on there? What makes Google decide to include all of the info for one query but not the other?

Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 4.37.02 PM.jpg
What's confusing about this is that these businesses, at least some of them anyway, DO have ratings and addresses but for whatever reason for certain queries the info doesn't show in the local packs.
Hey @SEO_Ron , I just ran some searches and I can see the same things here in Australia, Any query I search that includes 'Bus" triggers the same result. Bus hire, Bus with a driver, party bus hire etc. Just a random idea, But I wonder if this is Google Hiding the details in relation to Covid. I know in Sydney we are in lockdown right now so getting a party bus going would be a super spreader event! Just a random idea. Because Car Hire does not trigger the same response
Hey @andrewthorn, thanks for the feedback! That's an interesting idea and one I hadn't considered. What's odd is that, at least yesterday when I checked, I saw the additional info when searching for "los angeles party bus rental" but not for "los angeles party bus". I can't recreate that today though. Neither result shows the additional info.

Just now I tried searching "houston bus line" and that result DOES show all of the info. It seems if it was a COVID thing then it would also apply to other bus searches. What do you think?
That might be triggering because it’s a brand search. If you try an keyword that does not have a brand in it, I would say this is Google trying to help with covid spreading
Hey @andrewthorn - "houston bus line" isn't a brand search, it's more for bus tickets instead of private bus rentals.

Have you seen other search queries where Google is limiting the information in the local pack b/c of potential COVID restrictions?
This is definitely weird. Usually branded 3packs don't have review stars but they definitely still have website icons and they also have an ABC label like in this example:

This is definitely weird. Usually branded 3packs don't have review stars but they definitely still have website icons and they also have an ABC label like in this example:
Thank you for responding Joy. I read your posts about brand searches and how they display a little bit differently, but like you said, that doesn't seem to be the case here. It's odd. It's not just certain businesses that are getting the "No Stars" treatment, it seems to be for all "party bus" queries in all locations. Can't say I've ever seen something like this that's isolated to a particular industry. Have you?
Apologies for replying to an old thread, but at the same time I didn't want to create a new post for such a similar topic. We are more frequently seeing variations of 3-pack results, similar to what @SEO_Ron had initially reported. It seems to be easily reproduced with certain Business Categories, but unlike the "limo" search, most of the info is showing on the listing except for the star rating.

For example, if you perform a desktop search for "banks near me" or "banks in city-name" you'll get the A, B, C listing. The same applies for "pharmacy near me" and "pharmacy in city-name". This is regardless of whether they are branded or non-branded banks/pharmacy. Likewise, I was able to replicate this using Google Anonymous Preview Tool.

When searching for "grocery near me" or "grocery in city-name", a similar result shows up, but instead of A,B,C, a square image of the location is shown, again with no star rating.

Curious if any of the GBP experts have any feedback that Google has shared in regards to what categories result in non-typical 3-pack listings? Is this possibly a glitch related to the previous Covid "sensitive" categories? However, unlike missing reviews or no reviews showing for those previous covid sensitive business categories, if you click on a business in the 3-pack in the above mentioned searches, you can see the reviews which usually include new reviews.
Okay, so I've definitely seen this many times before where Google returns a branded-style 3-pack for a non-branded term. I've never dug too deep into what possibly causes it but I think banks have been this way for quite a while.

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