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Aug 1, 2012
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Good morning. Not sure if this has been brought up. I had a question in a previous post weather or not a new Google+ Local page needed to be verified by postcard. No one could answer my question so I give the answer to all of you.

Here is a quick 2 min walkthrough for claiming a listing and building a Google+ Local page in under 2 minutes.

This of course is done in the new Dashboard for Google Places.
Awesome Ryan. Thanks so much for sharing. Makes it looks so fast, seamless and instant.
I guess when things work right it can be!
Cool stuff OP!

This is more reason as to why Google has been saying all along that businesses should not upgrade yet. Now it's all there in one single interface. Amazing.
Wow! Finally! Is the new dashboard rolled out for you guys as well? I'm still not seeing it here yet...
Most of my accounts haven't been rolled out. I'm noticing a trend that Google is upgrading them from newest to oldest. I could be wrong so don't quote me on that. :D
How did you get the first verification? Did you claim from the Google+ Local page or did you go to
I did it through the dashboard. then add a listing.

This seems to only work with new accounts. If you have an existing Google Places account that is the old dashboard, it will not convert it to the new one.
So you added a brand new listing and it gave you the option to phone verify?
I wish. That would make it too easy for businesses to spam Google Places. I was having difficulty getting the existing +page and the places listing to merge, and since my business has moved, I figured it was a good time to start over. I deleted the old Google+ page and started over by claiming the listing into a new account.
I have been using this approach for a couple weeks now. I noticed the phone verification only works for me on newly created Google Accounts, where the listing exists on Google Maps but is not previously claimed.

My process is similar, if not identical.

  1. I created a page in Google+ Local in a new account, but did not postcard verify it.
  2. I left Google+ dashboard and went to Google Places and noticed that I was seeing the new dashboard.
  3. I proceeded with a phone call verification in Places and claimed the listing.
  4. Upon reviewing the new dashboard, I noticed the area that said ? ?This listing and your Google+ page are linked?.?,click the link and you are brought to the verified G+ Local page.

My colleague, Kerry Fager, also noted that in new accounts, without creating a G+ page first, proceed to phone verify a listing that exists on Google maps via the new places dashboard, the dashboard presents a link to automatically create a G+ Local page without additional verification.


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