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Aug 23, 2022
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1. the support told us to provide a document showing our business name - and we worked during the holidays to provide the documents - an official document describing everything, we even sent our tax bills

2. then they told us that this time our phone number was not eligible - we found the reason and asked them to please help us to remove another duplicate listing, which does not, and has never belonged to us - and knowingly that we're desperate need help - you didn't bother with simply removing it, which would help to reinstate our original listing. the problem is even we cant remove it ourselves. the number is attached to a stupid profile with no other info. just a residential house in the background.

3. and now they closed the case and asked if we liked the support.

how we can like it? how we can be happy with the fact that the business of 5+ years with 400 positive reviews is not closed just because that no one bothered with helping one more step. we said you we're ready to do everything
we found the reason and asked them to please help us to remove another duplicate listing

If you havent yet, try google's "suggest edit" on that particular listing as "duplicate" or "non-existent"... however, google may or may not take action, there is no consistency from our experience

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