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Dec 12, 2013
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I have a client that has asked the question about why their location doesn't show up on maps when users browse the map, etc. The only time they show up on the map is when they are searched.

The standard answer I have given is that they are not viewed as important in the area, and Google is just picking and choosing. . . however, this is a large medical firm with 100's of clinics, and one would think that their site is important, AND that people would likely search for these terms a lot.

The only thing I can think of is that they have two very similarly named clinics on the same address, and while not being suspended, or marked as a duplicate, Google must be filtering both of them.

Any ideas as to why a seemingly prominent business wouldn't show up on the map while other less prominent ones do?
I have been doing some research into what types of businesses get map labels and am finding there is a huge amount that do not get them and it does seem to be strongly based on the type of business it is. Things like parks & landmarks almost always get a label as well as travel destinations or golf courses. Professional services are more obscure and I haven't completed my study yet so I don't know what factors impact that.

The good news for your client is that anyone looking for that type of business would likely be searching related keywords, not just randomly looking through the map.
Thanks Joy. The client- who is usually good- was a bit freaked out. Luckily, their competitors weren't showing up either.

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