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Dec 13, 2016
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We have an estate agent who is very well ranked in search, but refuses to show in the 3-pack.

They have only one branch, in {location}.

We have a Google My Business all filled out.

They have 4.9/5 ratings over 58 reviews.

They rank number one after the 3-pack.

They do not show at all in the local results for searches such as "estate agents {location}" though even though far more distant competitors do.

What am I missing?
Hi drongo and welcome!

It could be a wide range of issues. Would you be able to share a link to the GMB page so we can take a look for you?
Thanks Linda.

The GMB page is

I have now discovered we do show in the More Places list and on the local map if you zoom it in or out far enough. But we don't show in the 3-pack or anywhere in More Places for a search such as estate agents leytonstone.

Any thoughts?
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Hi drongo,

Be sure to subscribe to and always read the Google Local IMPORTANT forum. There are several threads on top that address what you are likely faced with. (Filtered listing).
That's just my guess as I have not had time to research.

See this thread:
<a href="">Google Listing Disappeared With Recent Update? - Try This</a>

Then read this one from Joy and see if anything seems like a fit:
Everything you need to know about Google's 'Possum' algorithm update

Let us know if that seems to be the case or if you still need more help.
I can't dig into this today unfortunately but you're in the city you want to rank in, which is usually the first problem so you're good there. You've also got the correct main category (you'd be surprised how often this is an issue) so you're also good there.

It sounds like it could be one of three things:

1) You've got a lot of bad NAP out there (I didn't check that)


2) You're using an address that violates Google's TOS (some type of PO Box or virtual office typically)


3) You might be getting hit by Possum. Is there another real estate agency in your building? Joy Hawkins figured out that after the Possum update potentially only 1 type of business is going to show in the same building. Chiropractors vs chiropractors, dentists vs dentists, etc. They might even just be across the street and causing an issue. Is there another real estate agency in your building or near you?

Follow up questions:

Did you ever rank in the map pack before?

Have you moved recently? Changed business names? Phone numbers?

Do you staff people at that location?

Is the listing suspended in the dashboard?
Any difference between "estate agent" and "real estate agent" in terms of search? I'm seeing the company show up in the local pack for "real estate agent" which matches their primary category, but not for "estate agent"
Still no time to really eval your client's listing or anything but...

Haart estate agents is in the same complex, just 3 doors down.
So I wonder if it's getting filtered because of that?
Do you know if you were in the 3-pack last August? I'm seeing you 3rd in the local finder after zooming a notch, but before that you're nowhere to be found (when searching estate agents leytonstone). You can read more about possum here in an article Joy wrote.

My guess is that it's because of that listing Linda mentioned, Haart. Since Possum, Google's been filtering out similar businesses in the same area, presumably to try and give a wider range of options to people instead of letting one complex dominate the 3-pack. If that's what's happening, that means to get into the 3-pack, you don't need to beat the #3 spot, you need to beat Haart specifically, and once you beat them they'd likely disappear entirely.

Your organic rankings look good. If I had to venture a guess as to why you're not beating them out, it'd be your NAP issues. Looks like you've got a variety of names you use for the listing (Trading Places GB, etc). I'd start with cleaning that up.

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