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Oct 11, 2012
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I was doing an audit for a client who is trying to onboard a new business. Home | Weber Orthodontics | Wheaton IL - about a month ago someone changed their primary category in GMB by mistake from Orthodontist to Cosmetic Dentist. They switched it back within couple of days after realizing the mistake. Since then their business has stopped showing up on map results for one of their major keyphrase - "orthodontist in Wheaton IL". They do show up for the term "orthodontist near Wheaton IL".

I do not have access to their GMB account yet but wanted to check with you to find out if anyone knows what could be causing the problem.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for looking into this. They claim that they used to show up on maps results for that term before the issue with their category. The knowledge graph results is of a different company. I see them on 3rd position on organic results as well.
It looks like a year ago their website looked completely different. For example, it had a well-optimized title tag vs. the "Home" that is listed on their current site.

Orthodontist Wheaton IL | Weber Orthodontics | Specialist in Adult and Children Orthodontics

You might want to consider dropping "dental clinic" as a category if they don't offer full dental service. They also have "Teeth Whitening Service" as a category which is making them look like a dentist, not an orthodontist. Their website doesn't mention they even offer teeth whitening?

"Orthodontist Wheaton" is giving me a 1-box and the company who has it takes up the top 3 organic results.

Because that business is so close (1 min walking distance) to the one you're dealing with, it's actually causing them to be filtered. Not fun. Looks like you definitely have your work cut out for you!
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