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Apr 19, 2023
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Hi All,

A client has two websites and wants to get rid of the one currently connected to GBP. Strangely, within the last few days the GBP came up in the 3-pack for a big term. There is no work being done on the connected website.

However, we HAVE been optimizing the website that is not connected to their GBP. Is it possible that the work we have been doing could have still impacted the GBP ranking even though it's not the website that is connected to the GBP?

We want to swap out the websites on the GBP but are hesitant to do so given this new ranking.

Any thoughts?

Hi Matt,

In my experience, yes, working on a second website for the business could impact the ranking of their Google business profile even if that's not the website connected to their profile.

Changing the website to something else will most likely have an impact on ranking. Whether it's a positive or negative impact will only be known once you make the change.

Sounds like you have a fun test on your hands :)
Hi Colan,

Thanks for sharing your experience. It seemed unlikely that the other profile jumped up out of nowhere, so glad to know it likely had something to do with our effort.

Yes, should be an interesting test!

Happy New Year!

Hi @Colan Nielsen - Back with this one. So, the client is ranking on this alternate website that is attached to his GBP. He doesn't want to pay for it anymore (he pays monthly for the website) and wants to forward this domain to his other domain that has his main website. He is not in a position at the moment to swap out the GBP website link and reverify as he is between offices.

Is it ok to redirect the website listed in GBP to his other website? Or is this a suspension waiting to happen?

Google explicitly says that you should not use a domain that redirects to another domain as the GBP landing page.

I have seen this cause suspensions before.

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