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Sep 16, 2018
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This is just a slightly complicated situation of one SAB purchasing another SAB, and a question of how to handle the GMBs ... so thank you in advance to anyone who reads through this. :cool:

A's Appliance Repair apprenticed with B's Appliance Repair and eventually bought out B's Appliance Repair about a year ago. Both are service area businesses (no brick & mortar location). Both have a GMB listing, and both have a website.

For the past year B's Appliance Repair website and GMB are still up and running... if someone calls the phone number it forwards to A's Appliance Repair.

I am helping them build a new website for A's Appliance Repair and will be redirecting B's Appliance Repair domain (and inside pages) to it.

My question is about the GMBs. Because the phone number in B's Appliance Repair has been forwarding to A's Appliance Repair for so long, their GMB profile has many reviews that are actually for A's Appliance Repair. It's easy to tell because they mention the technician's name (who is also the owner).

Is there any chance of eventually merging those two business GMBs? The only reason I'd consider this is because of the reviews. Trying to figure out the best way to handle it.
Hey Nikki,

I'd say there is a strong chance that they will move the reviews over & merge the listings.

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