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Jul 19, 2019
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I work with a vacation rentals agency that relies heavily on clients/families brought to the area by a large annual event that brings 1000's of visitors to their town from all over the country each summer for nearly 3 months. This event has a knowledge panel that gets a lot of engagement in Q&A. I am wondering if it is ethical to have a Google account for my client which is used to answer visitor questions in the event listing as a way to bring awareness of our expertise in the area and for brand exposure. Does anyone have thoughts or concerns with this approach?
I don't see any issue in answering questions as long as they're not promoting themselves in the answer. A good way to make it un-promotional is to not mention their name anywhere in it but have it as the username + photo on the profile.
Thank you, Joy. That is exactly the approach I was thinking about using. I just want to present ourselves to that relevant audience as a local expert, especially since the event isn't responding.
I appreciate your help as always!
I think this is a great idea Shelly, especially if executed with class such as what Joy suggested.
Hi Shelly, my apologies for hijacking your thread. As a business owner, wondering is it ethical to post and answer own questions in GMB?
Thank you.

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