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Jan 3, 2019
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Hi guys hope you can help ,
i have created a small website for my taxi business , 3 weeks ago i inserted those schema data to try and get extension links and stars rating showing on organic search results for my website made of 6 pages .

I noticed now that the stars rating are only showing in results pointing to the page ABOUT US and all posts in the blog page but not on the main HOME page or other pages. Is it about giving google more time to gain infos or i maybe using wrong schema ,thanx

ps; extensions links show only once searching for the web site name but not in regulars keywords results.
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Hello and welcome. One thing to note about schema is that Google shows it based on the query so if the algorithm doesn't think it is appropriate to show the stars then they may not be visible.

Extension links or site links behave much in the same manner and you are most likely to get them by searching for the website or a brand name.

Here is a tool from Google that tests structured data of all formats so that you can verify your schema efforts are working in the future.

Here is some useful info about sitelinks and how they behave in Google Search.
Thank you for your reply, yes i checked the structured data using the tool ,all is good and no errors.
i guess it is the google way :giggle:
You will never see the stars on your homepage. Google does not show it.

It can also take some time weeks-months for Google to add the star serp features to other pages on your website.

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