Oct 24, 2019
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DISCLAIMER: Being in the UK, I've not worked with LSAs before.

Now that it seems we can (something we've spotted change in the last week or so), the signup flow isn't quite what I expected.

Once I get past the eligibility check, I'm asked to create the business details - even though I've got access to eligible businesses Google Ads accounts and GMB profiles.

What is people's experience running LSAs as an agency? Maybe I'm using the wrong entrance, but it doesn't seem very agency friendly... it doesn't feel right that I'd need to create another entity that matches a business that already exists in other Google databases.


Jan 24, 2020
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There have been a few other threads on this topic. The initial setup is something that the business can (IMO- should) do. It's pretty straight forward, just entering some info and documents. They can pass that info and documents off to an agency to enter for them, but that is not saving much time.

After that it pretty much runs itself. Chose how much to spend, the services that the business performs, and let it run. The main thing is to keep up with the disputed calls, which is something that the business knows which calls to dispute- so again its either them disputing the calls themselves or them passing this info on which calls to dispute to an agency, which doesn't seem like it would be saving any time for them.

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