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Aug 21, 2020
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Hi community đź‘‹:)

My business profile (attached) got suspended recently after I emailed support asking to change my business from closed to open. Unfortunately, he replied and took off my entire business.. He stated:

1st email from support:

Your business isn’t eligible to display on Google Maps per our quality guidelines.

Accurately representing your business identity on Google can help improve how users and potential customers interact with your business in the online world. Learn more about what types of businesses are eligible for a business listing on Google Maps.

2nd email from support (after I asked for clarification):

I would like to inform you that eligible businesses are places that have a real physical presence or fixed location. They are relevant and public or service area businesses that verify their Business Profile on Google at a real location where the business operates, even if the address is hidden on Maps.

This doesn't make sense because as listed here and in the screenshot, we do have a service area. All customer transactions are in person.

I tried to ask for reinstatement but didn't get approved.

Any clue what is the reason I was taken off and what I can do to fix this?

Thank you!

Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 9.58.24 AM.png
I took a look at the website and this business model doesn’t qualify for a GMB listing. The website is an online only business where the user places an order and a barber is dispatched. The only way to qualify would be to get a real office with signage and mark the listing use the corporate office category.
Thanks for your response. I don't understand how we would be an online only business and how this is different than any plumber or home cleaning service business?

If we were online only then we would not make in person contact with customers, but this is never the case. Of course, we have a website to place an order but in 2020 who doesn't.

Can you explain that part to me? Still hoping there are some modifications that I could make.. I can verify a location again with an address if needed.

Btw there is a local competitor with a running page here and massage dispatch here and here
Google can't find and stop all the businesses that don't belong on Google. You should report those listings as well. You may use the "suggest an edit feature" and follow up by using the redressal form. Google will then investigate those listings to see if they qualify.

As for your listing, Google is not going to allow you to be reinstated with how the listing is currently set up. Google removes and takes action on the listings created for Wag, Uber and Lyft.
I guess I'm nowhere near the Wag and Lyft model in that we are barbers providing home services not booking platform. Can I remove my url or anything like that then request reinstatement?

Happy to make any changes to at least have an online presence with my previous reviews etc. Also curious will Google share my information if I do suggest edits or fill the form?

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