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Jul 20, 2012
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Just been on a support call with Google on behalf of a client (love the fact that they call you back!) about their listing that has been saying Pending - Being Reviewed for a couple of months now.

Google Places 2013-11-08 17-52-22.png

The Google rep said that there was nothing wrong with the listing and that the reason for it saying "Pending" was that it was marked for an upgrade to Google+ Local. That process can apparently take up to 6-8 months but he said the listing was queued back in July so hopefully it won't be too much longer.

Not sure if someone had already posted this or whether other folks have experienced similar issues. Strange thing is that although the rep said there was nothing wrong with the listing it's pretty much completely disappeared from the search results. I'm hoping it's just a bug :confused:

Google Places 2013-11-08 17-52-22.png
Wow thanks for that update Nick!

I've been seeing a lot more pending review reports in the Google forum but have not been able to look into them much and did not realize that was the reason.

What support said does not really make sense to me. Did you get the feeling it was a new rep?
Re: "Pending - Being reviewed" in old Google Places dashboard

We have seen this "pending review" on hundreds of the accounts we manage. Google Support said it was because of a pending upgrade to the new places dashboard. We started seeing this message right about the time old places dashboards were beginning to upgrade to the new dashboard

The time frame given to us has been either 2-3 weeks, or 2-3 months depending upon who we speak with.

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Also, we have seen a lot of the accounts that say "pending review" already upgraded to the new dashboard without any problems. Sometimes, we will see the message in the AM and by the PM the listing is in the new dashboard.

A support rep told us today that they expected all old places accounts should be converted to the new dashboard by the end of the year.
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Linda, not sure if the rep was new or not - he seemed to know what he was talking about. He did mention that almsot 90% of his calls that day were due to the same issue my client was having. I'm guessing he was exaggerating but sounds like it's an issue across the board.
Did you upgrade to a Google + Business page for your business? I will often see "Pending" listed in the old dashboard when you merge your Google Places with a Google + Business page.

Once you have upgraded to the Google + business page, all the changes and updates to your listing should be done on Google +, not via the old Google Places dashboard.

I hope this helps!

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