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Jun 28, 2012
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I briefly posted about the Pending Review problem, back at the beginning of January in my

But I've been posting additional info other places about the issue, lots of folks are concerned and asking about it all over the place, so I guess I should have done a separate thread just about that one issue.

Mike just blogged it today and I posted some of my additional thoughts on the issue over there.

Google Dashboard: Most New Listings Go Pending – For How Long?

Is it just a delay in the dashboard messaging or is it more significant than that? Is a listing that shows pending having any other issues than the message? Will it likely show up in the index? How long can we expect to see the pending message? Is it a delay in updating the Dashboard message or does it reflect the possibility of a listing going into limbo for an inordinate amount of time?

I think Linda Buquet has it right (or very close) when she says: My assumption is if you can find it live, it’s just delayed messaging. If you CAN’T find it live and it’s more than a week since verification, then it may have been pulled for actual review.

Head over to read the rest, that's just a small snippet and also read the discussion in comments over there.

I shared additional info at Mike's that I want to be sure members here see, so copying my comments.

I was telling Mike, I think this is much like “do not support”. It can be a totally innocent message, if it’s a brand new listing, due to delay getting everything syncing on the back end OR can indicate a potential problem. Just depends on what’s inside that particular listing.

So just need to review with fine tooth comb to ensure no violations, excessive caps, bad nanny bot words or anything that could be tripping a review filter. Then check to see if live. If all is OK, then it’s likely just the new listing delay – take a deep breath…

I’ve gotten the vague impression from Jade that this may be a temporary delay.

I just asked Jade today, if this is the “new normal”. If it is, I asked her to update the sticky in the forum about “Turnaround times for edits to Google Places listings” AND also requested she do a separate sticky about it. Then at least we have something official to point folks to that explains what’s up.

Hmmm, actually in just checking the that edit turnaround post, it already kinda sorta says that:!category-topic/business/vnJlxMRr87o

Not sure if that was edited to reflect this new issue or if it’s always says that just as a timing cushion? “Newly verified listings (they may show as “Pending” or “Active” in your dashboard) **can take up to a few weeks**”

My 2nd comment...

Phil I agree the in-dash messaging needs to be better. What % of every SMB in the world, happens to read the G forum? Less than 1/10 of 1% is my guess.

And even if they do, with all the noise and # of posts they aren’t going to happen to see a post from Jade buried in another thread.

I’ve suggested something before and I’ll bring it up to her again today…

I’m not sure how easy it is to update messages in dash and unfortunately there are often numerous issues so it would take up too much space to notify users about all the issues. What they should do is this…

They should have a short message at top of dash explaining some things don’t go live right away and at times various data is delayed and link to that sticky in the forum which explains it all AND can be easily edited when stuff like this comes up.

It’s KINDA CRAZY there is no in-dash messaging saying Oops videos are borked, don’t bother adding. Oops post an update doesn’t work, either. And by the way don’t bother taking time to enter all those additional details at bottom cuz that info no longer shows. AND thanks for the images but they won’t show for a month.

SMBs should be advised so they don’t A) waste the time entering stuff that does not work any more B) so they don’t worry and complain in the forum thinking their listing is broken C) do they won’t waste support time over nothing.

It could all be explained in one short sentence, linking to that sticky and the sticky gets edited as the pipeline changes or new dash issues come up.

So I did today ask Jade about and bring up all the issues I shared above. In fact I kind ranted about the dashboard messaging because the current message at the top of dashboard is a complete waste of space. Does not help SMBs at all and is even confusing because that link goes to consumer-facing info NOT business owner info.

So a link to the "edit turnaround" sticky is kept up-to-date and that shows current pipeline delays, alerts to new issues like pending being stuck and all the stuff that is either slow or not functional in the dashboard, could avoid so much frustration and so many support tickets.

Anyway we have a bunch of questions in to Jade about the current pending state, what's causing the issue and if it's temporary or the new normal. Will keep you posted.

Any other questions or comments about the pending review issue?
The recurring theme seems to be that Google needs to beef up their communication efforts. That would eliminate all of this hypothesizing.

The SMB voice in my head is saying, "ya, c'mon Google, no more games, just communicate everything so there is no more guessing games!".

The local seo manager/nerd voice in my head is saying, "ok, we need a little more communication, but don't tell us everything Google, because guessing is half the 'fun'! and we like to try and figure this stuff out".

The local seo manager/nerd voice in my head is saying, "ok, we need a little more communication, but don't tell us everything Google, because guessing is half the 'fun'! and we like to try and figure this stuff out".


And the local SEO consultant in all of us says "Keep 'em guessing Google! Gives us all job security!" :p
I'm still seeing pending review concerns coming up, but not quite as bad.

What about you guys? Does the problem seem to be resolved?

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