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Jun 7, 2020
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Hi All. Hope someone can help with this one.

How can a personal trainer verify his listing using the video verification method when working out of a gym he doesn't own?
Is that even possible?
Yes, you should be able to do the video verification as a personal trainer. Have proof on hand you are legally allowed to work at that address such as insurance docs, license registration, any documented fee you pay to work out of the location, signage for your services at the location etc. Your docs need to have your business name (or your name) AND the address of the gym on them to count.

If you don't have any of that or are registered as a personal trainer out of another address, like your home, you can verify your GBP to that address and simply hide it to be a service area business How to use a service area on Google for service-area & hybrid businesses - Google Business Profile Help

Then on your website and in your GBP description you can mention that you train clients at that specific gym.
It should be a service area business and use the home address, Google guidelines:


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