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Dec 12, 2013
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Hi Guys,

A question. I have a credit union client in a different part of the country. They say that when they do local searches for "Bank <cityname, state>" - they see credit unions listed in the map pack results. When I do a search in that same area with BL's local search tracker, and a few other tools I have, it doesn't show any credit unions at all, and only banks. Not only that, the map results reflect very nearby results, rather than results that you would normally see for <cityname, state>"

I'm guessing that this is due to personalization? ? ? because why would credit unions show up a bank search (they never do), and why the results not be more close to the city center.

I guess I hadn't realized results were personalized to this extent in the local pack. Does anyone else ever experience this?
Definitely, there is personalization in the Maps. Always need to use incognito, and sometimes with enough searches/clicks on your own site or competitors', Google may pick up on the ip address and give different results.
Ask them to send you a screenshot of what they're seeing. Many times clients say one thing but don't know technology well enough to know they're doing another. I have people tell me about a certain set of search results only to find out they're using Bing and they don't know it.
Yep - what Yan said. IP addresses and personalization can both impact what you see.
Thanks everyone. I lol'd at the "send a screenshot" request, because, yeah, how many times have I seen them say one thing, but, having searched something entirely different.

I'm going to go with IP personalization on this one. . . they did get the same result in incognito mode.

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