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Mar 18, 2013
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Re: Is using a cell phone as business # ok?

I have recently tried to set up a +local page for my wife's business. She uses only cell phone and i cant fit the entire number into the contact area. It seems to be set up to only accept 10 digits or less.

I am also having problems verifying the business to get the pin code sent. All I get is an error 500 message. Is this a problem at Google's side or am I doing something wrong?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
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I'm not sure about the phone # part as I don't know how phone #s are formatted there or why it would not fit.

But when you talk about 500 error that normally happens in Google+ Business pages not Google+ Local pages.

So I need to ask something and am afraid this could get complicated...

But is this a brand new business that has never had a Google Place page or Google+ Local page before? And you are setting up for the very 1st time directly as a Google+ business page?

OR Does she have a Place page AKA Google+ Local page and a seperate Google+ Business page and you are trying to merge them? (Also known as verifying the Google+ Business page.)

Because the last sentence is the scenario that normally gets a 500 error.

Please post link to either or both listings if they are live so we can see it and explain more per my Qs above. (It's really complicated because there are different types of pages and everything is really buggy!)

That page:
Is a Google+ Business page set up in the Local category

This is the Google+ Local page that's in search:

The problem I think is... can't be sure because the map view is so blurry there.
But is that your home address?

If so you need to hide the address on the Google+ Local page or Google will delete it for violating the guidelines.

So IF it's a home address and should be hidden, that's why you are getting the 500 error. You can't verify the G+ biz page also known as merging the 2 types of pages if you have address hidden. And if it's a home based business address MUST be hidden or you risk being deleted.
Hi Linda

Yes that is our home address
The business is based from our home.
Do I remove the address from the older places listing? or the more recent +listng (the one we cant verify)
The G+ business page I don't think the address matters.

In the Google+ Local the one that shows in maps, you need to log into the Places dashboard, click edit, under service area, select a service area. Best to just do your city and 20 mile radius. Going wider won't help you rank in other cities.

Then under service area select do not show address. FYI after you change the setting it can take 5 days before it's hidden. And right now there is a bug where some addresses are showing even if hidden in dash.
Ok i've done that.
Ill give it a few days and try again.

Thank you so much for your help this evening, we would have been completely lost without it.
I will let you know how it has panned out in a few days.

Thanks again
Should have mentioned in case you weren't aware of the hide your address issues - hundreds of thousands of listings have been deleted and some were missing for months.

Here are lots of other posts if you seek more info: Service Area Business Issues

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