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Oct 1, 2013
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One of my clients moved and we updated aggregators and major citations sites, of course her google+ profile, but some phones are pulling up old address in google maps. Where should I go to update?
The problem is that on computer google maps search shows new location, and when I search on phone it shows new address, but client had two people come in and showed her on their phones that google was showing the old location, there must be another "phone" directory that needs updating?
I wonder whether this has more to do with personalized search or not. If you don't clear your cache/cookies on your phone, then it's possible the old location is getting preferential treatment because of previous searches.

Give that a shot (clear cache/cookies on your phone), and let us know if it changes. That's usually the first step I take. Not saying that will help potential customers not see the old address, but it will help us understand the situation a little more.
That might be it, most people do not understand about caching, map shows fine on my phone, it just happened that 2 clients came in yesterday with the same complaint, I wonder when the cache expires? Because we did make these changes over a month ago.
Are the repeat customers searching by brand? If you marked the old address closed it could still show higher than the new one due to age. Aggregators take time to update and distribute the new information, so best thing may be to do a citation audit and manually go through and clean up bad data. That could expedite the fix.
I actually did not mark it as closed, but just updated the address, so I am not sure if I can mark the old one as closed now at all, because I cannot locate a google or aggregator directory with the old address in it anymore.
Great points Eric!

If you can share the business details we can look into this and offer some good ol' concrete advice, instead of taking stabs in the dark.
I do appreciate your help!
Kathy's Jewelry
2400 SW College Rd #201 Ocala, FL 34471
(352) 861-5284

Old address
3101 SW 34th Ave #904, Ocala Fl, 34474

we have not been able to update yahoo and some other directories that seem to deal only with yext
Thank you! I am unable to locate a Google Local page for the old address. Do you have a screenshot?
I think we might have found the problem, mapquest was old address and we submitted a form on their site to update the listing since they only seem to deal with Yext now. I do not have ascreenshot, just tow clients coming in and showing their phone searches to owner.

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