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Jun 26, 2013
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Hey Linda,

One of our clients has two locations - one in Austin and one in Round Rock, TX. They have one phone number for each location but they both ring in Round Rock (not due to forwarding) and both begin with a 512 area code (available in both cities).

Is it hurting their ranking to have the number that is associated with their Austin location actually be setup at their Round Rock location? Since they are infrequently at the Austin location there is no phone actually setup there.

Thanks for the help!

I'd be guessing in the dark.

It's like putting together a puzzle and I don't have much info to work with. But in a nutshell, you need to use the main local # for each location that has been used in yellow pages and other listings ideally. And ideally it's a local prefix for that specific area. Do they have citations for each location and do the phone #s match for each location? Does the location page on the site for each office match up?
Yes, they do have citations and the phone numbers match for each one. The location page on the site matches, as well. I think the prefix may be for Round Rock only so it sounds like that could be an issue...

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