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Sep 3, 2014
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I'm probably over-thinking this but... does it impact local pack ranking at all if all of the citations include the same phone number but different formatting? For example, does it matter if some format the number as (nnn)nnn-nnnn and some have it as nnn-nnn-nnnn?

Also (for United States locations): does it matter if some have the number preceeded by 1- and some do not? E.g., 1-760-555-1212 and 760-555-1212?

I would not worry about it too much on citation sites if you can't change it you are stuck with their formatting.

But def on the site, which you can control I always recommend sticking with the standard formatting (555) 333-2222. Don't use dashes and def don't use periods or spelled out #s like 555-CallUsNow.
Thank you for your quick reply, Linda. I appreciate your help!

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