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May 6, 2014
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Has option to call GMB been turned off or are they just busy today? Or is there a new way to do it that I can't see?

Last week I just clicked Contact us inside GMB and the usual and Google called me immediately, now, the only thing being offered is email communication. Any ideas?

hi Shane,

I've just checked and I was offered the option to phone - maybe you were trying outside the 6AM - 5PM PST times?
Thanks Priya,

I did it a few minutes before you so that can't be the case, how strange!
Thanks Priya!

I had someone say that yesterday over at the Google forum and then we helped them and they found it.

You are looking in help/contact us and during those US hours?
Strange indeed Shane, especially as we're both Southern Hemisphere I notice, so it can't be a geographical thing.

Will you try again tomorrow? Be interested to see if it/when it starts working for you again.
Hi Linda,

For some reason I didn't see your posts when responding to Shane, otherwise I'd have acknowledged your very useful link in my reply. Thank you for the link - another handy thread to add to my reference list!

In Australia we get the Call Us option between 11pm and 10am AEST Tuesday to Saturday and I'm assuming it would be 1am - 12pm for NZST. It is a bit weird that I was able to see it (in Melbourne) and yet Shane wasn't able to see it at the same time in NZ.

I will be interested to see if it comes up for him tomorrow (since that's still Friday U.S. time).

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