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Nov 14, 2012
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I've noticed over last week or so that for a few of my clients that I recently handled, the pics that are in the dash are simply not showing on the live listing? Not just 1 or 2 not showing, none of the newly uploaded pics are showing. It's been a few days or more, but still no pics. I could've sworn it doesn't take long for them to show.

Am I missing something or maybe just losing my mind?:eek:

Anyone else experiencing pic issues?
After a quick scan, I'm not seeing image problems come up in the G forum Scott.

But mainly SMBs post there and maybe they have not uploaded new or didn't notice anything amiss.

My 1st thought was that this update caused an image issue as new updates rolling out often upset the apple cart a little bit.

Can you give any more details? All GMB not bulk? All upgraded, single locations?

Let's see if anyone else can confirm.
Yes Linda. These are all single location businesses. Most are brick and mortar businesses with a couple of them being SABs. These pics are well within the guidelines. I see them in the dash, but they just don't show on the live listing. I thought I remembered them only taking a few minutes or even a few hours to show, but nothing on the live listing after a few days.
Strange, I loaded some photos on an old listing yesterday and they are already there.

The next business I set up I will test.
Thanks Robin!

Scott, these are all in different accounts I assume???

That's odd if still not showing. Maybe call support?
If they are not showing by Monday, I will have to call them. Thanks for the input everyone.
Just wanted to update everyone on this. Apparently, images should be at least 500 x 500 to show on the live listing. It may be naive of me, but I never knew that. I had one support rep tell me 300 x 300 and they still weren't showing. Another said 500 x 500 and they were showing quickly. Feeling pretty dumb that I didn't know that. :(Hopefully, others won't make the same mistake.
I had no idea. Why do they even load if they aren't going to work? I know I have a bear of time getting Google Plus images to accept if they aren't big enough. It's like yeah sure, I got 800px images laying around.

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