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Jun 28, 2012
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Places Scout has partnered with Yext to bring you an industry leading SEO platform that integrates the power of Yext's listing syndication data directly into Places Scout.

I call Places Scout the Swiss Army Knife for Local because it is multiple tools in one and already does pretty much everything you need for local. Well now it does even more and helps you manage all your data, via Yext!

Places Scout will be able to access & import your customers' Yext Listing, Reviews and Analytics data directly into your Places Scout dashboard. So as a shared customer of both Places Scout & Yext, you'll benefit from managing reporting from both platforms in one place.

<a href="">Places Scout - Yext Partnership Overview</a>

Seamlessly Integrate Yext Data into Places Scout

Once you have connected your Yext Account to Places Scout, you can take advantage of our seamless Yext data integration that will allow you to quickly import all your Yext location data directly into Places Scout.

.:. Bulk import all of your Yext Location data directly into Places Scout

.:. Bulk create reports in Places Scout for all your Yext Locations

.:. View Yext PowerListings Status, Social Reporting, and Reviews in Places Scout

.:. Save tons of time with our easy Yext integration setup process - bulk import locations and reports in a few quick minutes!

I know many of you here are already Yext partners and many others have Scout.
For those of you that have both, this integration is a huge win and time saver!

There is no additional cost for integrating your Yext data in the Places Scout dashboard.
It's an added benefit of being both a Yext Certified Partner and Places Scout customer.

Here is the official announcement at Places Scout with lots more information.

If by chance you are not using Scout yet or are not familiar, here is a big review I recently did about the program. <a href="">Places Scout Review</a>. There is a free trial too.

If you aren't a Yext Partner yet you can get more info and join the <a href="">Yext Partner Program Here</a>.

Since I work closely with both companies, if you have questions please ask and I'll get an answer for you!
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