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Jul 22, 2012
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Hello everyone I'm trying to rank on the first page of Google for AC Repair Merritt Island but for some reason i cant get there. I'm in the 4th spot and have more review then everyone else...

What can I do to move up a couple of spots.

Here is my Local Page:

Thank you for your help
Hi Rick,

Well I can feel it that you've paid for the reviews, right? :)

The users pages of reviewers doesn't look convincingly and buying reviews isn't the best idea. So the way how you collect reviews is the first thing I would change.

I can also see that you don't have any description of your business page as well as posts. It might not have direct impact on rankings but it can give you more credibility in searchers eyes.

You might check if the NAP data is correct on third party sites and collect more as well. Doing that consider the NAP site quality more then using spam sites only to collect more address mentions.

Anyway, when you talk about local ranking in general you need to specify the place from where the user is searching. In todays search Googles Local Pack is strongly connected with user geolocalisation so the proximity of your real address is important.

You can have a look here to have a bigger picture of local ranking factors.

Did you read the review those are 100% authentic...

Im very Close to the first page what can be done to just push me up a spot or 2 there is no more tricks anymore that can just bump me up a little?
Moved out of general discussions into "Help & Support" which is where posts for help on a specific listing need to be posted.

Thanks for understanding as we try to keep the forum organized for all.
Oh Linda just the person i need can you please help me? Im one of your past students.
Sorry I'm crippled up with RSI in both arms/hands so can't do much 1 on 1 support any more.

#1 wins due partly due to name but also just from quick glance home page is better optimized for local.

#2 isn't even in Merritt so I'd study everything about them. Backlinks, map maker categories, etc etc.

#3 Site does not look great at 1st glance.

But that is just quick scan which is all I can do.

No there are no tricks. Just putting more of the pieces together and doing a better job at everything than the others do.

I think again just at a glance the site optimization could use work. You aren't using all the local hooks you could be. I don't remember, did you take my onsite SEO course too? If so you really need to review my title tag strategy. That could help a lot right there.

PLUS in title tag you are dividing your precious few keywords by optimizing for 2 cities. You won't rank in local for Cocoa Beach, so that's taking away from the Merritt the city you could rank for. Look at that title tag strategy of mine and you'll see what's missin.

Then with the current algo, very clean, targeted, local EARNED links seem to help a lot.
And as Linda mentioned, work on acquiring some local and/or relevant backlinks. You currently only have a handful of backlinks and most of them would be considered spammy these days. Here's an example - Heating directory ( US > Home and garden > Heating ) - page 4

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Also, from streetview it appears that this business location is a residential address? Is that correct? If so, you need to hide the address.

Also finding some NAP inconsistencies - (check the inconsistent tab)
Colan - I'm not sure the marker is in the correct place.

@rick - did you move into the space that was occupied by DF Woodworks Cabinetry Showroom? If so, you will want to get that corrected.
Yea for some reason the marker is off and there was a wood shop before me

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