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Jul 17, 2018
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I am the owner of kids party place Max Adventures located in Brooklyn, NY. I got an issue and don't know who can help. Contacted Google my business, Facebook with no success. Here is the issue:
when I search my business (Max Adventures) in google on mobile and on desktop images, for my Facebook page I get my page link but I have a competitor logo image right next to it. See pictures. The competitor is land-o-fun located not too far away. I don't know how it got linked together. Their logo image is no where on my Facebook page. Or at least I can't find it. Facebook and Google blame each other and don't provide any help. Can someone please explain how it happened and what can be done to correct the problem. Thank you in advance Untitled.jpg


1st of all wanted to say excellent job on all the other images. Looks like a very fun place!

I'm confused as I can't find that image anywhere. I tried scanning through all your Google and Facebook images and don't see it. Sounds like you are saying it comes up in Google search, but I'm not seeing anything like that either. (Using desktop from Utah so results could be different.)

Could you explain a little more or maybe try a new screenshot that shows exactly where this image is showing up? Or link to the page it's one would be best if possible.
I'm able to see it in Image search on both Desktop and Mobile. I stopped seeing in in Desktop after I logged into my local guide account, though I can still find it by right clicking on the image and searching Google for it.

Somehow, some way, Google seems to be confused, and is associating Land O Fun's Facebook profile photo with Max Adventure's Facebook search result.

I doubt Google support is putting in the effort we are to locate this error. I've seen Google pull wrong photos before, but not in this way. I'd say your best bet is to find the "Send Feedback" link on every page you see this. Take a screenshot through the popup that results, and explain what's wrong. Make sure you are logged into an account for this. Ask as many people as you can to do the same.

I submitted it from the image search I had to do to locate the result after I logged in. I'm still looking for the feedback for my Mobile phone...not sure why I can't find it though :/

Hopefully Google gets the message...

And...I just have to say... GREAT JOB on all those photos on your GBL!! It does my heart good, haha!

Edited to add: I figured out how to send feedback about the result from my mobile phone, so I have reported it from two different views. I really hope it helps you! So frustrating...but the bright side is that you might be taking some business away form this competitor with your awesome interior photos!
So it took some digging but I figured out where Google is pulling the image from. It is on your Facebook page under the "Related pages" section. Pretty stupid, I know.

max adventures.jpg

I resubmitted your Facebook page to Google to craw. lf that doesn't change anything in a couple days, change your profile photo to an exterior image of your business and resubmit the Facebook page to Google to crawl,

If that still doesn't work, I'd post on the Google Search forum and I can reach out to a TC there to help you.

max adventures.jpg
wow thank you guys for compliments, fast replies and your help. I did post it on Google search forum a month ago. they told me to change Facebook main picture(since I had a video as my cover) which i did to a static picture but the problem continues. The competitor that I am dealing with does not play fair and their reputation is not too good so it's hurting my business by being associated with them in anyway. Just recently I had Facebook remove a negative review with a link to their page so I though it was due to that but i guess its not. I will wait for a few days like Joy recommended and will let you know if the problem is fixed. Again thank you all for your help
An update to this post: The problem is still persist. Their logo is still linked to my Facebook page.
Thanks for the heads Up Joy Hawkins :) I will take a look and see what I can find.
Hi guys, did you have a chance to find any answers for me? The problem still exists and I have no idea what to do. Thank you
Good Morning MaxAdventures, sorry for the delayed response.
your business looks like a lot of fun, my kids would love it if I was in your area.

as for the Facebook Image for Recommended pages, I don't currently see that showing on my end both in Google Chrome Incognito mode.

However, I do see on the main search result for "People Also Searched for"
unfortunately, that is something Google has rolled out back in February 2018 that shows other searches that other people looked for:

More information about this update:
Google launches new look for search refinements - Search Engine Land

I work over in the Google Websearch Forums and we have had a lot of posts about this feature some good and some bad just like in your case.

and do see your competitor in the results for your business name.

The bad news is so far there is no fix that I am aware of since this is giving a suggestion to the visitor about a topic that is relevant and for this example a competitor in your area is what moms and dads also search for so in Google history it will pull that as a search pattern trend.

Just like if I was looking for a laser tag, mini golf, arcade games and more.
this is where you can strengthen your content, maybe add more to the pages with the activities helping the search result identify those pages .. look in your Google Analytics and Search Console to find what words people are finding your pages on such as 1rst birthday party packages and maybe detail what you offer but what activities would be good for them. Give more details to the parents to make that YES Decision.

the answerbox will suggest to the visitor related queries

This is what I see:


and on refresh it shows:



I was doing a little more research on your current traffic and competitors and it looks like in the last year things have really picked up.

Here is what I see for traffic


and think if you were to add more detail to some of your pages as an example your laser tag activity since I see you showing in the organic search for position #7 for the keyword "kids laser tag brooklyn" pointing to the homepage vs. the laser tag page. LASER TAG | Max Adventures

You can get that page to rank as you focus on giving parents as much detail as possible and even maybe a video showing the game.

it was also nice seeing your company in the Google Maps results when you search for "kids laser tag birthday party brooklyn"



Here is a link where you can download 2 PDF's I created with reports of what I see overview and keywords you are showing up for .. but think you can really dominate with more content on those pages. Hopefully moving your competition away from the "People also searched for" as you provide content to support them vs. allowing the competition to get results for your name.

Max Adventures NY - Google Drive

Hope this helps.
Wow! Thank you William, your detailed response is really appreciated.

And thanks to Joy for alerting William to this thread. What a team! :)
Thank you William for your awesome response. I will definitely look into adding more content to my page. I really appreciate it.
In regards to this particular problem, it doesn't show their logo next to my Facebook page on desktop. It shows their logo next to my Facebook link in mobile and it is somehow linked to my page. On desktop only if you go into images and you will find their logo picture. When you click it it gives a link to my Facebook page.

Also sometimes it disappears and shows correctly (linked to their Facebook page) and sometimes it is linked to my page. That's what gets me confused. It's not just a "people also searched for" but it's actually linked together.
You are very welcome :) as for finding a to the facebook reference on mobile, I checked my phone and could not find it .. but will keep looking, basically what we would normally do on desktop would be right click and get the properties looking for the exact URL the images is displayed from.

Unfortunately, I am not sure how to do that on a mobile device, as it may show us where the image is being pulled from and maybe get closer to the root why it is being associated to your page.

After doing a little more research it looks like others have seen the same thing you are experiencing.

Google Groups

I will see if there is a fix and or see if Google is Aware of the issue yet.

More to come as I figure it out.
Thank you William for your help. I see that it’s not only me that has this experience. So it is probably a google bug. Hope to find a resolution soon. I appreciate your time and effort. If you find something please let me know.
Hi guys, did you have a chance to find a solution to this problem? I though that google would of fixed the issue by now but it still exists. Any help would be appreciated

Post your example on this thread and ask Google to look into it.

Google Groups

Make sure you include screenshots and a link to the Google search results page.
Oh good catch Joy. Add to the other examples plus now MA knows they are not alone.

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