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Aug 23, 2014
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I'm excited to announce that the Local Search Forum has a new sponsor. Tidings is owned by the well-known David Mihm and is a platform that makes email marketing easier than ever.

I signed with Tidings earlier this year for my own company newsletter (Example) and love the platform because it automatically pulls in articles that I've shared on my company's Facebook page so it generally only takes me about 10 minutes to do up my newsletter and send it to my subscribers. The great thing is that even though I've only been doing it for a few months, I've already made sales as a result of having it.

They also have a white-label version for agencies which allows you to set up newsletters for your clients and make a profit of over 70%. He has a calculator on his site that will show you how much it can make your agency depending on the # of clients you sell.

Tidings Money.jpg

Has anyone else on here used Tidings? Do you have any questions for David on how it works?

Please join me in welcoming & thanking them for supporting the forum. We wouldn't exist without our sponsors.

Tidings Money.jpg
I currently white-label Tidings. It feels underappreciated to me for being such a great idea.

A couple tips I'd have to anyone using it:
  1. It's INCREDIBLY easy to sell. All you have to do is create example templates w/ the business logos and send it to the business owner already-finished. Them seeing the final product gains a lot of interest. I'm in a position where I have several people interested I just haven't had the time to properly onboard them.
  2. When/if you do sign a business up, use 3, 6, or 12 month agreements (Don't do month-to-month).
  3. Tidings pivots well into a Social Media cross-sell/up-sell. If you own an agency and are using Tidings, there is no reason you shouldn't also be selling a social media package, further increasing Tiding's profitibility.
  4. As a value-add, your customers become more reliant on you (not really a tip but I wanted to point that out).

I honestly really appreciate Joy's move here choosing Tidings as an advertiser (I'm sure she had options). It's a great company run by a great guy.
Welcome David! We really love what Tidings brings to the marketing game. Looking forward to seeing you continue to grow.

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