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Sep 18, 2018
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Please forgive me if this has been posted, I tried to find the details but am not seeing anything. My concern is for clients who are currently in the process of having their businesses verified via postcard (as the only offered option) and unable to receive such as the business is temporarily closed. I may be overthinking this - I image they would still have access to mail. But what about all of the brick and mortar local stores right now in California who may not have already claimed their profiles and are in need of managing it now more than ever. Is there a new or temporary solution in place for these businesses to get verified?
You are gonna have to expect a delay on this unfortunately right now, unless your clients are in health care, then that may go quicker.

Newly created listings, claims, and verifications
Our support team will manually review new listings, claims, and verifications for critical health-related businesses. While we prioritize these critical services, please expect a delay for publication of new listings, claims, and verifications for other types of businesses to Google Search and Maps.


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