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Dec 18, 2012
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Has anyone done PPC with Bing for clients?

When you think about it, if your clients demographic is older (like mine), Bing kind of makes sense.

Would love to hear others experience with it; and maybe even compare it to Big G.
Mike. I completly agree. I will also add that businesses will never know the ROI if they don't try something different than adwords.

I have a client in the camping/hiking verticle. We found out this week running conversion audit that Google traffic was with $2.07 per visit, Yahoo $0.83, direct $2.04, Facebook $.41, and Bing at $5.37. Winning! Bing clicks cost $1.50 to $2.20 recently. Hello money press.

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Bing is hit or miss. I have had a ton of success with it for our insurance clients but when we did a PPC campaign there ourselves advertising for marketing terms we spent quite a bit and got 0 conversions. I think testing it is always a good idea. The CPC there can be quite a bit less than Google depending on the keyword.
I use Bing & Google for: Retail, Doctors, House Cleaning, Stand Desk, Construction companies and have seen much success using both. More real estate, meaning more opportunities to be seen online. Even if you don't get the conversions right away it will help build brand awareness. Plus Bing is much cheaper right now. Soon it might not be. The biggest thing with PPC is making sure you have your campaign organized and set up correctly and of course testing & testing more. Also be unique and use call to actions & questions. Think outside the box!
With the recent mass-upgrade to windows 10, the default browser is Edge which uses Bing as the default search engine. Many people won't go out of the way to install chrome or FF, so I could see Bing ads becoming more profitable as searches increase on that engine.

I've had hit or miss results with marketing company advertising, but saw good success with moving, construction, some ecomm, and service-based industries.
I've done some Bing PPC for clients before, but and it cost lest but there was so few clicks that it wasn't worth our fee to manage it (testing, tweaking, etc). It really depends on the industry & target market, and like Joy & Eric said-- It's hit or miss.
Great point about the effort not being worth the clicks at times. Often optimization efforts are better spent on Google

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