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Oct 28, 2016
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Not sure where to post this inquiry but thought I'd reach out to you all here for advise. I have been in attendance at many presentations of many of the names here at Local Search Forum on topics relating to Local Search, Google My Business, SEO and other similar topics. Now it is my turn, I am presenting GMB to a large group of grocery retailers soon and I was planning a live demo. Yesterday I was informed that it is possible that I won't have an internet connection in the room I am presenting in AND to make sure I have a powerpoint (screenshots) to work from if we run into that. SERIOUSLY!!?? Have any of you run into this situation? How on earth do you capture online data for offline presentation? I'm open to any advice you might have to offer. And I thank you for your time.
Do you know the reason why you may not have internet access?

If you can get a decent cell phone signal you can easily create a hotspot for your laptop to connect to your phone's data.

I'm in a decent sized city and use Verizon. I can't tell the difference between my wifi connection and my hotspot connection.
Hi Dan, thank you for your reply. I gave this a lot of thought since reaching out here, and here's where I'm at on this. I did not seek out this engagement, it was brought to me. I'm presenting at a large conference venue, not a cave or a remote area. The requirement of all presentations of course is to successfully deliver education on the topic being presented. My expectation is to have the tools and environment to meet those requirements. And that's where I'm at and this is how it will be. ;)
You will be allowed a PowerPoint presentation though right?
You will be allowed a PowerPoint presentation though right?
Yes, for sure PPT but certainly not efficient for an online demo. All those scrolling pages to screen capture for a PPT are overwhelming... Ugh.
This is still not ideal, but there are ways to do a full screen capture without scrolling. For example, I use a Chrome extension called Full Page Screen Capture. And I believe I've done it in SnagIt also.
Personally, I prefer working off a Powerpoint that uses screenshots. It's much easier (in my opinion) to have it all prepared before going in. You can also use speaker notes that way to keep organized. I use screenshots like crazy in my presentations.
I am very reluctant to ever do a live demo at a large conference where wifi can get overwhelmed or you're in a building that functions as a Faraday cage. I'm one of the organizers of our local WordCamp and we encourage presenters to avoid live demos and have backups with screenshots if they do go that route.
WOW you all have certainly given me a change of heart. I surely appreciate it and guess what? Yeah I'm working on that PPT presentation! Have a super day, and thank you very much.
I highly recommend Snagit. It allows you to take a scrolling screengrab in addition to video. Pretty useful tool.

I would also be looking into the mobile hotspot route as well... just in case.
I would also suggest Camtasia Studio, you can record little snippets of video, or even X minute long video segments, and you can either talk over them live on stage, or record your voice and just stand there while everyone listens to the recording.

You can also embed these videos into a powerpoint slide.
Also with a live demo you are more at Google's mercy. You plan to show a specific 3 pack and explain why #1 is ranking so well (after doing lots of research on that specific listing.) You get up there and the pack has totally changed and that listing is gone. Or you go to show a specific feature and it's either gone or borked. :rolleyes:

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