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Aug 2, 2021
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I am having trouble with my Bing Places listing. I have added a category in the dashboard, as you can see from this screenshot here 2021-08-23_12-03-42.

However, when I search for the business listing on Bing Maps, my listing does not show the primary category, as shown by this screenshot 2021-08-23_12-04-21.

Other businesses in my area that do the same services as this business have a primary category listed. Here is a screenshot showing what I am referencing 2021-08-23_12-13-22

I have contacted Bing support about this and was told that they can't update the primary category in the listing, and only 3rd party feeds can add primary categories.

Has anyone else ever had this problem? Is the support I am receiving from Bing accurate?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Jeff!

I've not noticed this before. Do you happen to have it connected to Google My Business? Are you using something like Yext?

I'd try chatting with Bing Places Support again and hope that you get a different support person. Sometimes that can work.

You could try changing the primary category, saving it, and then changing the primary category back to what you want it to be. You might have to wait 1-2 weeks to see if that works, since Bing Maps is a lot slower to update listings than GMB.

If that doesn't work, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
Hey Justin,

Thanks for responding. It is connected to Google My Business and I don't use Yext, but do use BrightLocal to push citations.

I did contact Bing support a 2nd time and spoke with a different person but received the same answer.

I will try your suggestion of changing it and seeing if that works. Have you been able to fix your primary category before?
I haven't noticed this issue before. If changing the primary category temporarily doesn't work, you could try disconnecting GMB from it.

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