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Nov 22, 2018
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Ok, all of you smarties ;-)

1) Does anyone know the difference between Product Posts (added in the Posts section of GMB) and Products (Beta)?
2) Does anyone know the length of time a Product Post stays live on GMB?

For a location of one of my clients, I experimented with this. I have put in a Product Post, and I put in several Products into the Products (Beta) section.

We also use the services section and build that out.

Trying to come up with as many ways to get the client indexed in Google's GMB indexes while still trying to understand which are more powerful, things like that.

Any tips, comments, appreciated.


Also you are welcome to look at the GMB listing to see how these different things show up.. It's interesting. BTW I did put in UTM parameters to everything....

Here is the link to the search that brings up the GMB listing for this client's location.
I will default to what @JoyHawkins says but my feeling is that the Products Post is just a Google Post about a product, much like an event. Products beta is for those who sell products and want all of them listed in their GMB.
I've noticed that Product Posts stay live on the front of the business profile for a week like normal, BUT, on mobile devices a Product tab is added where ALL the past product posts are shown.

I haven't messed with the Products (beta) section yet to discover how and if it displays differently. I guess I have the same question as @Bryan Bloom
I used product posts for an old client and they are still showing today after 8 months.

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