Jul 19, 2012
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Not exactly a Internet Marketing question but one that is related to manage our Internet Marketing Business.

We are currently using Basecamp as our project manager and have out grown it from the standpoint of we need something we can create multiple template projects in with the ability to turn certain to-dos within a project on or off. Basecamp does not fulfill these issues.

Can anyone recommend a solid project management software that is cloud based?


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Aug 7, 2013
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We moved away from Basecamp and started using Asana to manage projects. Into month 4 now. We manage 50-75 projects at any given time and Asana has helped. The only 2 things Asana is missing is the ability to add a specific time of day to a project. We continue to use Highrise to handle that. Also, Asana does not have the ability to track how far along a project has progressed in percentage of completion. There is an addon to Asana for this, but we have found to many bugs and stopped using it. Support has been good with Asana as well. Feel free to ask questions as I have been head deep with Asana...

The other option is using highrise for keeping track of customers and assigning tasks. I use asana for projects that have a checklist and Highrise for individual tasks.

Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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I don't have suggestions for that, but ran across something related that I think looks pretty cool.

More for tracking and reporting across multiple clients, especially if you are doing full service including social - as opposed to managing projects, which is what you asked about.
But still, since I just found it will share. Discovered via the following post.

Monitoring Your SEO Clients with Cyfe - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

Also see this thread here in Consultant's Corner:
Client/account management software?
Jul 19, 2012
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Thanks for your reply,

Funny you should mention Asana, I signed up and am doing the trial. They don't really have a template system. They suggested creating a project and naming it template, which I did. But creating the templates created a bunch of projects for my team. If I delete those I'm scared it will delete tasks from my template.

Do you set up project templates for your projects?

Appreciate your feedback

Aug 7, 2013
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We create a Master template that has all the tasks, Tags etc, but do not assign anything. When we start a new project within a team we duplicate the template, rename it and start assigning tasks to members. In each project I create categories like NOTES AND ATTACHMENTS: (this is used for general progress notes), also create START, IN PROGRESS, WAITING, ON HOLD ETC. Feel free to skype me if you want detailed answers. Asana has been a huge help. One thing I do want to ask: What kind of projects are you needing to manage? Maybe a little detail will help.

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Thanks Linda. I was looking at Cyfe this week. Looks like a badass service. Will dig in a little deeper.

Greg Schueler

Mar 14, 2013
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I tried a lot of project management tools back in the day and ended up using Teambox. It just seemed to have the look and feel that made it easy to use and all of our team members like it too, so that is a plus.

I haven't found a solution that is 100% perfect, and suspect that no one really will as each of us have our own likes/dislikes and needs/wants, but for us Teambox came the closest.


Sep 6, 2013
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Having burnt through multiple solutions, I've finally settled in on Asana. Their interface is pretty, has all the bells and whistles and they offer upto 30 users for free.


Sep 11, 2013
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We have a small team of 9 and we use Trello most frequently. I've used Teambox and liked it alot, but I lean toward Trello mostly because of the ease of use.
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