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Apr 1, 2021
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As our business has grown over the past several years, we've accumulated hundreds of licensed stock photos. Over the last few years, we've expanded our services to include custom photography and video to support our clients. As a result we've got thousands of photos (stock and custom) and our original method of storing them in folders using Google Drive or OneDrive, just isn't cutting it any longer.

I'd like some type of solution that has an interface similar to what is found on most "stock photo" websites. Where our images are on cloud storage but there is a front-end that we can upload photos with descriptions and keywords that can be later searched using those keywords. There seems to be dozens of software solutions out there, but was hoping that some of y'all can help me narrow down it down. We have talent in-house to most likely write a custom solution, but I'd prefer to have a a ready made solution if it matches our needs and charges a reasonable subscription fee.

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