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Oct 28, 2016
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I have a weekly routine to review our 180 locations in GMB to make sure we have no prompts for action. Today about half of our locations have suggested edits. I accepted all of them then immediately following I'm prompted to go through the reverification process for So lame. GMB has been super flakey for over a week now and testing my patience. Anyone else notice similar?
Was it a bulk verified account or individual locations in your account?
Bulk verified Jason. And we have enjoyed automated verification over the years as well as we change business names or add a business. Thank you.
I just accepted and denied updates yesterday with no issues. That’s strange, but given all of the “features” Google has given us this year, it’s not surprising. I’ll keep my eyes open for others complaining, er reporting this enhancement.
I have not witnessed this in any of my bulk accounts. What category are they in?
How annoying. No, I haven't noticed this issue with any of ours.
There is more to come later this year for Social Support that is gonna blow your socks off!
Exciting! Can't wait. I've been wondering if there is backend work going on because my GMB Account has been really flakey for a few weeks.
Back to my issue, it continues today and I hope to hear back from GMB Help today. I was prompted to accept/decline changes; the suggestion was ATM, I accepted it because our locations (Grocery stores) have ATM machines. But it seems that by accepting the suggestion, this is what has thrown locations into "reverification required" Why isn't Google smarter, ie why even offer the suggestion if its going to anhilate my location(s) by accepting the suggestion?

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