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Sep 27, 2012
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Recently had two owners go there separate ways, peacefully thank the lord. I and the other partner are managers of the local Google+ page but the parting business owner is the official "Owner" of the page.

I've never done it before and don't want to mess things up as things are finally dialed in. How do I properly transfer the ownership to the other owner? Is it as simple as just logging in to the "owner" account and hitting a transfer button?
Only the owner of the page can transfer ownership. They would have to invite an email to become a "manager" first and have it accepted. Then, after 48 hrs or a week (can't remember the exact time frame), the current owner can transfer ownership over to a manager. Maybe this will help.

Transfer Ownership of a Page
Thanks Scott. I know Google usually makes things look like it's simple until you start tinkering and find yourself in an ugly web of a mess. I wanted to verify it was as simple as stated as I've never done it before.
These Google folk have me all flustered lately with changes, making things seem simple when in fact complex and the such. I've never been more timid to make changes then more recently.

Thanks again Scott.

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